Patent monetization

N&G Consulting offers monetization and brokerage services for both large patent portfolios and individual patents infringed by third parties. Our consultants are in constant contact with the main international patent aggregators, multinational corporations and licensing companies interested in purchasing patents in certain technological areas. Patent brokerage is mainly related to technological areas such as electronics, information technology, telecommunications and the automotive industry, with particular reference to patents granted in the US, Europe and China. Moreover, one can also consider selling a patent that is not being exploited, instead of abandoning it, so as to recover at least part of the costs incurred in obtaining it. On the other hand, the purchase of patents, even in addition to one's own, may be appropriate to strengthen the protection of one's products.


  • Brokerage of individual patents or patent portfolios
  • Assistance in patents trading
  • Negotiation with patent aggregators or licensing companies
  • Analysis of third-party patents

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