Technology scouting

N&G Consulting's professionals can assist industrial companies in scouting technologies and patents available for either licensing or purchase, as new technologies and valid patents are available on the market that can often be acquired at advantageous economic conditions.
We therefore help companies in getting in touch with scientists and technicians who are enthusiastic about cooperating in the development and industrialization of their technologies or in the licensing of their patents. Technology scouting is carried out with the help of databases and the support of international correspondents thus having access to the main research centres in the world.
In the initial phase, the search for technologies of interest is carried out while ensuring the clients’ anonymity. Confidentiality agreements are then finalized, and the parties may initiate direct contact to verify whether the conditions for collaboration may be met.


  • Search for available technologies
  • Search for available patents
  • Selection of partners in technological development
  • Drafting of non-disclosure agreements
  • Initial negotiation ensuring anonymity
  • Purchase or collaboration agreements

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